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Women’s and children’s online clothing store.

Is it easy to tell about yourself? When we decided to do this, it seemed to be a piece of cake for us. What could be difficult? But the more we delved into this issue, the more doubts arose in us. Will our buyer be interested in the philosophy of our business, in the story of the store name or team that works daily to implement ideas? Or maybe you just need, like most online stores, to limit yourself to simple general data and not overload our buyer with such details. After much discussion, we have decided that it is still very important for us to be honest about "Who we are".
Let's start with the name, why is an online store for women's and children's clothing? What does this mean and isn't it too "narcissistically" to say that it is the Best. After all, there will certainly be a huge number of stores that in many ways look more solid than we do.
Well, let's go in order. Everland - if literally translated from English, it means: “Country Always”. In our business philosophy, Everland is a country where there is always a place for what you need. If you want, such a realistic analogue of a magic room, in which you can get everything easy and without worries, as if by magic. It's century in which women can not limit themselves just by only one social role, would it be a mother or a businesswoman. Studying, work, children, family, going to the gym or on a date, and how many other things does our beauty have to do? :))) At such a crazy pace, the load is especially hard for our beautiful half of humanity. And how girl can  find a minute in this rhythm to search for treasured things? Creating this store, our main task was to create a resource where our customers can easily, quickly and cheaply buy really good things. And it doesn’t matter what it will be: a beautiful dress, underwear for a date, or maybe clothes for pregnant women and expectant mothers.
In our catalog you can find:
assortment of women's clothing and underwear,
home clothes for women
clothes for kids
Cloth and underwear for baby,
clothes and underwear for pregnant women.
You may ask, and for what about part “Best” in here?
Is it possible to build a business without philosophy? We are convinced that this is no. You can't just make money as your primary goal. You can only be successful in what you love. Our business philosophy is to sell products that are made with a lot of love. Since Soviet times, many consumers have had a strong feeling that Ukrainian goods are of lower quality than their foreign counterparts. That they are not fashionable and not interesting in design. We set out to prove that this is not the case at all. We believe that domestic products are not only better than imported ones, but the best ones from the BEST. That is why on the pages of our catalog we have collected goods from leading domestic manufacturers of Ukraine. These are brands of children's clothing, underwear, casual wear and clothing for special occasions. Lots of options for women of all sizes and ages. But one thing unites all these brands: a great desire to make beautiful inexpensive quality goods here in Ukraine.
We are happy and proud to present these products! If you prefer high-quality and stylish things, and are not ready to overpay for expensive brands, then you are welcome to us.
Trust professionals, and you will see that dressing comfortably and fashionably does not mean paying dearly for clothes.
The main advantages of our online clothing store:
Huge selection of products for every pocket
proven quality - all products are certified
latest models from manufacturers, constant updates
regular promotions, including cumulative discounts for regular customers, sale of leftovers
individual approach to each client and help of our consultants.
We sincerely care about our customers and process orders as soon as possible, already on the day of the order the goods are sent to happy owner.
Our goal is not to seek an approach to each client in an attempt to sell him a dubious product, but to choose for you such a product, the joy of buying which warmed you for a long time and gave you a great mood!
Sincerely, team